Ne-Yo Chats with Chelsea Handler About His Kids, Taylor Swift, and His album R.E.D

On the promotional circuit for his latest release, Ne-Yo stopped by “Chelsea Lately” to speak to the hilarious host on everything from fatherhood to his fans.

Confident about his latest work, the “Let Me Love You” singer has released three versions of the R.E.D album – the standard copy has 13 tracks, the deluxe 18, and the Target deluxe 19. Ne-Yo’s advice, “what you do is, you give the standard to somebody that you kind of like, give the deluxe to somebody that you really like, and you keep the Target deluxe for yourself.”

The new album isn’t his only pride and joy. A father of two – daughters Madilyn Grace and 1-year-old Mason, Ne-Yo discussed dedicating one of his songs to his little girl and more on the album.

The Madilyn Grace song dedication
I dedicated it to her because the night we brought her home from the hospital she was screaming her head off and like there was nothing that would console her. No bottle, no change the diaper, nothing. So I remember a pediatrician told me that music helps to calm babies, so we hit random on the little iPod and this song came on. The second the song came on, complete silence.

Taylor Swift Red vs. Ne-Yo R.E.D

I promise we didn’t plan that. Actually when I found out that hers was called Red too, it wasn’t really a big deal. I feel like great minds think alike.

A Taylor Swift Fan
I’m a fan of Taylor Swift. I think that she’s an incredible writer, incredible singer. And she’s not hard to look at either.

His dancing abilities
I can’t sing and dance at the same time well, so I have to kind of pick my battles.

Fans disappointment on his last album Libra Scale
The last CD I was trying things I’ve never done before, in regards to screenplay writing and directing videos and stuff like that, and I didn’t pay as much attention to the music as I normally do. So I feel like I kind of let my fans down a little bit with that one, so this one is kind of my re-up and I’m happy that the fans are digging it. Critics are actually digging it, which is rare. Good reviews from critics; I feel like critics, they look for things to not like and that they’re digging my stuff I’m happy.