Brandy Reflects on First #1 Hit ‘I Wanna Be Down’ (Video)

Eighteen years have passed (where’d the time go?) since we heard Brandy’s first No. 1 hit “I Wanna Be Down” all over the airwaves. This past weekend, while Brandy performed new joints from her recent album Two Eleven (as well as oldies-but-goodies such as “I Wanna Be Down) at the Howard Theater in Washington D.C, a cake was brought out in celebration of the anniversary of that first No. 1 hit, and Brandy reflected back to the beginnings of her career backstage after the show.

Listen to Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down”

Even though is been almost two decades, she talks about feeling the same fearlessness, hunger, and humbleness she felt as a 15-year-old newbie. “[I’m] celebrating 18 years of ‘I Wanna Be Down’ going number 1 today and I kind of feel like I’m in that same space….I’m not afraid anymore. I’m not scared. I wasn’t scared 18 years ago and I went through a faze of being afraid and now I’m just not afraid. I’m humble but I’m not scared,” she shared.

Talk a trip down memory lane with Brandy: