Q Parker Talks Bad Boy, Biggie and Worst Sexual Experience

16 years after their debut album, hit records, a split from Bad Boy, a group disbandment, solo albums, and a reunion tour, it’s safe to say each member of 112 has gone through their fair share of ups and downs in the fickle world of the entertainment business. Through it all, they’ve arguably faired better off then any former member of the Bad Boy empire (think Danity Kane and Craig Mack) – signing to Def Jam and releasing their fifth studio album Pleasure and Plain in 2005, which reached platinum, showcasing their more matured sound with hits like “U Already Know.” The group split a few short years after the album’s success, with three members releasing solo projects, reuniting in 2012, and then beginning their reunion tour this June. With the revived momentum from the tour, the group’s fourth member, Q Parker, decided to finally unveil his unique sound to the R&B world this past October.

In a recent interview with Sway on Shade 45’s “Sway in the Morning”, the 112 member turned solo artist, speaks on everything from his days at Bad Boy to his worst sexual experience on tour.

The Group Succeeding after Bad Boy…I think when you leave Bad Boy you have to still keep the same drive and keep the same focus and determination you had while you were there. I know for 112 that was something we just digested and that really became apart of us so even after the Bad Boy days and we signed to Def Jam, we continued to still rely on what really got us there and that was our talent, and our belief in each other and our connection and our brotherhood. We were able to go to Def Jam and we still were successful and we sold a lot of records at Def Jam and even as I start my solo career I’m implementing those same things that was instilled in me as a sixteen year old when I signed to Bad Boy and just the things Puff would take us through, being a perfectionist, being on the road and being a politician. Shaking every hand, kissing every baby, signing every autograph, taking every picture, making sure you commit to the performance, so that people can leave away being attached to you. You know if you ask anybody now, the whole Q Parker movement, The MANual, that’s what we do.

Reuniting with 112
…It’s been good man, to get back out there and get back into the steps again; doing the choreography, and seeing the smiles come on these ladies’ faces, and even the fellas, because you know we have a history and a lot of people watched us grow up and they’re supportive. They just want their 112 and I love the fact when fans take ownership of their artist, like ‘that’s my 112 so can y’all give me what I want back.’

On pop groups borrowing their style from 112…I see gratification knowing that what they’re doing that they got some of it from what they see us do so I’m okay with that.

Favorite memories with Biggie…Only you will always be a special record to me because it introduced 112 to the world and he laced the rhyme. His rhyme is so popular; it’s just as popular as the song. We’re just so humble, we’re from the south, we individually went to him and was just like, ‘thank you man I appreciate it.’ So then the next guy came in, ‘B.I.G, I appreciate you man, I thank you.’ He was like listen, ‘Can y’all get all four of y’all to come out here right now and all y’all just say what y’all got to say one time, I don’t want to see all y’all just coming to me when y’all got something to say.’

Then the second was just his drive. Remember when B.I.G, got in the car accident and he was in the wheel chair. He had a show in Long Island. We all left Daddy’s house and we watched this dude rock a show for 45 minutes in a wheel chair. From that moment on we was like, ‘We won’t let anything stop us from ever missing a show and never giving 112% on our performance.’

Worst Sexual Experience on Tour…I don’t even know her name, it was like years ago. Way way, long, long, time ago. Yeah it was in the states. I’m just big on hygiene man; you know when the clothes comes off and something else meet you before you can actually say…that’s just all bad. Yeah that’s all bad. It was a quick exit, stage left.

Pick up Q’s debut solo album MANual in stores now.