Jennifer Lopez Says She Would Wear Infamous Grammy Green Dress Again

Who else can say that they made voluptuous back sides popular and made a dress so notorious that it is on display at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. None other than the beautiful Bronx bombshell Jenny from the block or better known as Jennifer Lopez, who has changed what we view as beautiful and exceptable. The 42-year old mega star, whom has always been a trendsetter and continues after birthing twins, says she could wear a dress like her Grammy dress today. Let’s not forget that the palm tree-print design was cut below the navel and was see-through.

“I would wear something like that now,” she told Access Hollywood. “I wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

Jennifer’s infamous green dress is up there with dresses that have been worn by Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Lil Kim. It’s not hard to see how a release of a version of her dress was sold at H&M and sold out the first weekend. I guess that’s what happens when, Jennifer Lopez, H&M and Versace’s powers combine.

What will Lopez do or wear next? Stay tuned.