R. Kelly Gets Into Character For ‘Trapped in the Closet’ Series (Photos & Video)

R. Kelly introduces even more characters, some which he plays in the upcoming chapters of his Trapped in the Closet series. “I felt like I wanted to do the characters because I felt like I know these guys. These guys were friends of mine, or uncles of mine, or my grandfather, and I wanted to feel the spirit of those people. Once I started to get into those characters, I started to feel the spirit of them, and then next thing you know I feel like I am them,” Kelly says in the clip.

In the footage from the TITC set, see R. Kelly transform into Randolph, an older gentleman with some flare. The always-creative Kelly also released some snapshots of scenes from the upcoming chapters, premiering on Black Friday on IFC. There’s even a character chart to help you with the character’s connections to one another which is kinda confusing, but overall, looks like it’s going to be hella entertaining!

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