Nicki Minaj Labels Ciara ‘Very Iconic,’ Confirms Track For ‘The Re-Up’

Has “Got Me Good” singer Ciara reached an “iconic” status ? According to Nicki Minaj, Ci-Ci is very much iconic, at least when it comes to this generation.
“Let’s face it. She’s probably one of the best dancers that we’ve had in our generation, you know what I mean. So that alone just makes her very iconic,” Minaj said while explaining why she chose the “One Woman Army” singer for a new song.
Tapping Ciara for a track titled “I’m Legit,” Minaj said fans have been requesting they work together for sometime, but even still, she did not expect Ciara to bring what she did to the song.
“When I heard how she did the hook of the record… It’s like she nailed it so crazy and we had been listening to the reference track. We were afraid that whoever would end up singing it wouldn’t really sing it exactly how we wanted it to sound, but she nailed it times 10,” Minaj tells TBB.
In related news, Nicki Minaj will be taking the stage for a special performance at the 2012 American Music Awards. Slated to air Sunday, November 18, the show is a great way for her to introduce music that will be available on “The RE-Up,’ which is due that Monday, November 19.