Rihanna to Offer $250 Executive Version of ‘Unapologetic’

This Christmas, what are you getting that Rihanna fan in your life that has everything? Consider this: Rihanna’s doing it big for her fans. It’s not enough to release her seventh studio album Unapologetic on November 16th along with a deluxe version. Nope, the singer is also releasing a $250 “Diamonds Executive Platinum Box” edition of Unapologetic, complete with the CD case trimmed in diamonds, a fine wine, and first class plane tickets to anywhere in the world…just kidding.

Rihanna: Executive Version of Unapologetic

But the set Is beefy with loads of interesting things: colored vinyls, a handwritten note from Rihanna, a 2GB flash drive, a t-shirt with a photo of Rihanna taken during the Unapologetic cover photo shoot, lithographs, an illustration by artist Magnus Voll Mathiassen, stickers with images from the album’s cover art for your smartphone/iPhone, even an old school View Master with photos of Rihanna’s style throughout the years. And believe it or not, that’s not all! Also included is a 40-page notebook with handwritten notes and lyrics, DVD, fan poster and deluxe version of the album.

The “Diamond Executive Platinum Box” will hit stores on Dec. 11, but a cheaper version for $79 will become available on Nov. 19 and feature not so much of the grandeur the “Diamond Executive box” features, but still has enough goodies to satisfy those mega fans on a budget. What $79 can get you is the T-shirt, laptop stickers, deluxe version of the CD, the DVD, fan poster, Loud Tour performance peek and what’s described as a “limited edition genuine, conflict-free diamond bracelet” with a black leather band.

Not too shabby, either.