Brandy Talks Fans ‘Embracing’ Two Eleven, New Beginning

Brandy is thankful to everyone who stepped out and supported her recently released album “Two Eleven.”
Speaking out about her fans (“Stars”) Brandy told the Chicago Tribune “For my fans to really embrace my new album and to give it a chance … it’s such a blessing.”
Calling the album an official “come back” because she felt like she had stepped away for a long period of time, Brandy admits she felt like a failure at one point, especially when it came to being an example for her daughter.
“I didn’t know if I was going ever get the chance to share my music the way I had shared it before – with a team behind me, a major label push and a direction. I stopped believing in myself. I thought it was over,” said Brandy. “I felt like I wasn’t being a good example to my daughter. I wanted to make her proud.”
In related news, “Two Eleven” is set to debut at no.3 on the Billboard 200 albums chart Wednesday. The album features songs like “Let Me Go,” “Wildest Dreams,” and “Paint This House.”