Beyonce and Jay-Z Lose Trademark Battle For ‘Blue Ivy’ Name

Celebrity baby names are known for being unique, but trademarking your baby’s name? Now THAT’S boss mode!
Power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z filed a trademark earlier this year in an attempt to protect their daughter’s name Blue Ivy from commercial use for a future baby product line. However, an event planning company in Boston called Blue Ivy Events (who has been doing business under that title since 2009) won the legal tussle. A judge last week granted the Boston company the right to keep using the name, while Bey and Jay are restricted to use the moniker.
Those at Blue Ivy Events, though, harbor no bad blood over the legal tug-of-war. On their company website is a photo of the famous Carters with the caption “Congrats to our soul mate couple with baby Blue Ivy!!!”
But these two parties aren’t the only ones who grappled for what seems to be quite the popular name; in February, the New York Daily News reported that a New Jersey clothing designer unsuccessfully tried to trademark “Blue Ivy Carter NYC.”