Syleena Johnson Shifts From R. Kelly Mentee to Lakeshore Mentor

‘R&B Divas’ cast member Syleena Johnson is helping to develop a new R&B group dubbed Lakeshore. The members: Malone, SandyRedd and Tommie B., met Johnson while she was recording her latest album ‘Chapter V.’ At that time, all solo talents, the trio contributed to Johnson’s LP via songwriting and background vocal performances.

Seeing that the three are a force to be reckoned with when working together, Syleena suggested that Malone, SandyRedd and Tommie B continue working together as a group following the completion of her project.

“Hey since everywhere we go, people are talking about you guys in the same breath as myself while on stage, wouldn’t it make sense for you all to just form a group together under my direction?” Lakeshore recalls.

For Syleena, she has changed roles from a mentee of R. Kelly to a mentor of Lakeshore. “Syleena has taught us Humility, Patience, What sacrifice is & drive amongst other things; As individuals and as a group, we learn from everyday life and our artistry, different lessons that advance our wisdom of this game & business we call Music,” the group adds.

Lakeshore is currently in the studio completing their debut EP. The group is ready to set itself apart from past groups insisting, “What we are doing differently to capture people is simple.Singing (lol). It’s a lot of watered down entertainment going on in the world, which is making it a little harder for *substance & true talent* to enter into it, but everything is for a season.”

Check out Lakeshore performing “Little Things” with Syleena Live! in DC.


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