K. Michelle Talks Boob Job & Self-Esteem Issue, Parenting, Her Purpose, More

Many people know singer-songwriter K. Michelle as the “take no sh*t” cast member on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” but there is another side to her that TV viewers didn’t really get to witness. Here at Singersroom, we’ve been a long-time supporter of K, prior to even selecting her as an artist to watch in 2010. With that said, we caught up with the R&B songstress first, reality TV star second, recently for an intimate sit down, where she opened up about parenting, her boob job, her purpose, people’s perception of her and more. She even started tearing in the interview over a very personal topic.

On Balancing Parenting & Career…Balancing parenting and being a singer, reality and all that, it’s a lot, like I have a lot of nights that I miss my son. He knows what’s going on, he’s very supportive, so that does help…But what I have to do is just say I’m doing it for him…I know it’s for a bigger goal for the both of us.

Raising Her Son To Be a Man…Going through a lot with men and having a son, that’s a big challenge. You don’t wanna be so bitter that he looks at you and say, ‘I don’t like women or all women like this?’ Children look at what they see growing up, so I’m very positive around my son. I tell him to treat women with respect, we don’t yell…we don’t hit women and he knows that.

On Her Breast Augmentation
…I wanted them done so I could be more confident on stage…It’s whatever your confident in…I still have self-esteem issues that I have to work on. I love my boobs. It’s not for a little girl to say I gotta go get boobs, it’s just something that I did, I just wanted to pump them up a little bit.

On Who She Sees in the Mirror
…Just a woman, I’m just me, nothing more nothing less. I tell you like it is, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry I’m not going to change.

On People’s Perception of Her…I use to bother me how people perceive me, some days it does. It’s taking a long time for the media and different people to understand me, but I feel I’m finally at a point where they’re starting to understand. One, she doesn’t give a f**k what you thing so you’re not gonna break her, two, she just who she is. I feel like they’re so many contrived and fake artists and they play into the game… On what she chases…I chase peace, I chase happiness…Like I tweeted the other day, you can get so use to being unhappy that every day you’re unhappy, even if things are going good, you don’t know how to be happy.

On Her Purpose In Life…I need to talk to women…it’s more apparent to me everyday why I’m here…I tried to walk away from music, I tried to walk away from things, but I just can’t, I’m suppose to do what I’m doing.

On Relaying Her Message After Tumultuous Pass…I think anything you go through is part of your story; it’s how you handle it whether it makes or breaks you. I think this situation for me, it’s been a lot, nut I think I’ve been honest in my journey and I’ve been who I am and I think a lot of women have appreciated that.

On Reaping The Rewards…It’s worth it when you see those girls crying and you see them say thank you [K. Michelle begins to tear]…You have to take your purpose and say, ‘I’m going through this because women are learning.’…If you don’t go through it, you can’t talk to people.

On Being a Singer First
…They know me from Love & Hip Hop, but no one said she’s not an artist…That’s the most amazing thing because reality can go good or bad.

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