Guest Blogger Kevin McCall: Enrich Your Life Through Eating Right & Exercising

What up fam?
Thanks for swinging by for my second blog with Singersroom. Glad I have your attention, lol.
This go around, I want to stress to all my fans and fellow artists out there the importance and benefits of staying fit and practicing a healthy diet. Not only will eating right and exercising on a regular basis enrich your life, it will give you the endurance and stamina you need to progress. I’ve been fortunate enough to have these things planted in me since I was a little kid running track and playing football, but for anyone starting out, it can get challenging to commit to regimen and adopt a new lifestyle, but the rewards are endless. I promise you.
In my case, energy and appearance are crucial, outside of sharpening my talent. With all the traveling I’ve been doing in the last couple of months promoting the new single, “Naked,” followed by the additional hours in the studio, dieting and working out give me that extra boost.
Results won’t happen overnight, so have patience. Ease into a plan that accommodates your schedule, and keep track of the goals you are trying to achieve; whether it’s to cut down on excessive weight or gain more energy. While you’re thinking about the next steps, check out my workout video below!
Shout Out to my Trainer Mike T.


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