Bobby V Confirms Future on Next Single, Talks 2 Chainz From Luda To ‘No Lie’

Bobby V’s new album, “Dusk Till Dawn,” is out this week and he stopped by Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” to talk about the project.
Featuring collaborations with Lil Wayne, Future and more, Bobby V says he would have liked to have gotten 2 Chainz on the album but it was kind of hard with getting clearances. Despite that, Bobby, who was signed with Ludacris at the same time 2 Chainz was several years back, is happy to see the rapper rise to the level he has with “No Lie” and other efforts.
“It’s like wow. He really grinded though. I saw his grind. I saw him around people and people would diss him. He was actually on “Mrs. Officer,” he had did a verse and (they) took him off,” Bobby tells “The Breakfast Club” in video below.
Looking back, Bobby V says a lot of people would hate on 2 Chainz but it’s alright because 2 Chainz is like the “hottest cat” out right now.
“I’ve been in the studio when cats would be like nah man, nah. Being around Luda(cris) he was kind of overlooked, not hate on him, but you kind of look at who’s hot and you go with who’s hot. Now it’s like he’s the hottest cat,” says Bobby V. “I’m really proud because I’ve seen his grind, his struggle. To see where he’s at now, it’s like every song is 2 Chainz.”
In related news, Bobby V’s next single will be “Tipsy Love.”
“I got Future on the next single called Tipsy love,” said Bobby V. “I make good music at the end of the day.”

Bobby V’s album “Dusk Till Dawn” is available now.