Shontelle Dishes on Cat Footwear Collection, Rihanna Comparisons & Upcoming Album

Shontelle has another role to take on other than singer-songwriter; now she’s taking on the title of shoe designer. The Barbados native launched a footwear line in conjunction with Cat Footwear, each style of boot reflecting a place in her home of Barbados that’s close to her heart. Shontelle recently let Global Grind in on the details of the footwear line, along with how she feels about being compared to Rihanna, another Barbados superstar. She also shares what can be expected from her third musical offering.

The colorful boots in Shontelle’s line, she says, represent things about herself and her home. “The colorways of each boot are inspired by the ocean and the flora and fauna of Barbados. The name of each boot is a place in Barbados of significance to me,” she explained. The trident (which is featured on the tongues and inner lining of each boot) represents my heritage….It is prominent on our flag and is our national symbol of independence. I apply that to my life. I feel as though I have had to embrace and conquer the seemingly impossible and find my own independence,” said Shontelle.

Rihanna also hails from the island, so sharing her home with another well-known female singer brings understandable comparisons. Though she admits the comparison is slightly annoying (as constantly being compared to someone else would), she also calls it a blessing. “Every human being, while wanting to be accepted by others, still wants to feel some sense of individuality,” she admits. But the comparison is “actually quite flattering when you think of it. Everyday I thank God for my blessings and I ask Him to keep me on the right path. And I listen to Him,” she reveals. “So I know I will be able to stand up to any challenge I encounter.”

When it comes to her next musical project, Shontelle promises not to disappoint her fan base by featuring her signature ballads, but also promises “growth and evolution” and “incredible collaborations.” “My fans demand it, so they’re gonna get it. They want more fun and less tears. So let’s get bubbly!” she said.