Alicia Keys Breaks Down ‘Girl on Fire’ Album, Talks Politics

After a taste of nostalgia in viewing herself in a 1998 clip as a teen singing “Little Drummer Girl” on the BET classic show Teen Summit, Alicia Keys says her life has evolved in every way. And after the list of achievements that 102.3’s Adimu rattles off, it’s easy to see why! The successful multi-award winning, multi-record selling philanthropist’s rap sheet is staggering! Keys’ new album Girl on Fire is meant to liberate and empower, but despite her accomplishments, she says the empowering theme “comes from a lot of not feeling that way.” It’s those peeks and valley’s in one’s lifetime that everyone can relate to which forms the meat of the album.

The multi-talented artist broke down many tracks. “Brand New Me” is Alicia’s favorite song from the upcoming November 27th release, calling it her “autobiography.” “It really just kinda states very clearly and succinctly how it is to be able to move forward from whatever it might be in your life,” she said. A track called “A Place of My Own” dwells on the fact that we all are searching for peace within ourselves. “Not Even the King” is a song that, in its simplicity, overrides genre boundaries and speaks volumes. “Something as simple, but as powerful as love, that not even a king could afford what we have,” Keys explained.

Always a force when it comes to social issues, Keys spoke earlier this year in Philadelphia about the importance of voting. Switching gears, Alicia explained why she’s so passionate about this year’s election, saying it’s important to stay motivated. “If we fall back from exercising it [the right to vote], then we leave the power in the hands of those who don’t fall back,” she said. And she makes no secret she’s supporting President Obama in the election. “On other views from other people, I can’t see that consistency, and I also can’t see that passion and that truth and really believing in humanity for all people. It seems a little one sided to me…so I just think we gotta like really gotta be on it,” said Alicia.

What inspires her to do the things she does? The fact that it affects her in some way. “If that’s [her foundation] Keep a Child Alive, I really believe there’s good work being done…The same with music, it affects me in an emotional way. Or the same with film or production…just being apart of community.”