Sean Garrett Praises Brandy’s Upcoming ‘Two Eleven’ LP, “That Album is Nuts”

Sean Garrett is passionate about Brandy’s upcoming compilation ‘Two Eleven.’ As the go-to man if you need a hit R&B song, Garrett worked with the “Put It Down” singer on six tracks off the project, but that’s not why he’s spreading the hype; he’s genuinely excited about the hotness that’s present on the highly anticipated opus.

While at the BET Hip Hop Awards this past weekend, Garrett spread the buzz around the red carpet. “I actually keep talking about it but it’s really, really dope. If y’all love ‘Put It Down,’ if y’all love ‘Wildest Dream,’ just wait,” he told The Boombox. “That album is nuts. I just feel like… I couldn’t believe that people were really ready to discount her as an incredible artist,” he continued.

Garrett’s referring to the critics who felt that Brandy was musically falling off the map as an artist to contend with in today’s market. “I just hate that about our generation; we’re so quick to dismiss greatness,” he stated. “When other people can tour until they’re 70 years old and we don’t even embrace our people enough to encourage them and lift them up.”

Check out the brand new song “No Such Thing As Too Late” leaked by Brandy recently. ‘Two Eleven’ drops on Oct. 16.