Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon Involved in Weekend Auto Wreck

Things seem to be so shaky in the Bobbi Kristina’s world as of late. First, she loses her mother earlier this year, and now she and boyfriend Nick Gordon were involved in a car accident this past weekend. TMZ is reporting Gordon was driving his 2012 black Camaro on Sunday (Sept. 23) with Bobby Kris in the passenger seat in Alpharetta, GA.

Details regarding what caused the crash are unclear, but it’s being reported the couple was arguing at the time of the crash. The airbags deployed, but the car was found with extensive front bumper damage, a missing tire, and the hazard lights on, according to report from police, who found the vehicle in front of the couple’s apartment. Somehow, the couple managed to drive the car back to their residence. The police were called about a noise disturbance after the accident and went to the couple’s apartment, but no one answered.

It seems the two were not harmed in the accident.