Fashion Truth or Dare

The truth about fashion is when you break rules and allow your creativity to set in, you create new trends. Most, if not all of you have heard the rule “you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day.” However, the truth about wearing white is when you become creative by wearing stylish pieces and coordinating with warm colors you can help change the rules. Take a look at the styles we put together below in addition our celeb inspiration. So instead of spending time packing away your whites; use some of our fashion tips to help create new trends for the new season.

Follow these fashion tips and dare to create a trend!

1. Use different shades of white, like soft white, ivory and cream.

2. Accessorize; the cooler temperatures will require more layers; take advantage of accessories such as scarves, gloves and hats.

3. Balance; use your whites to balance the dark, deep fall colors opposed to the pastel and neon colors you wore this past summer.

4. Fabrics and textures, keep the summer fabrics such as sheer in linen in the closet for the summer however have fun with different textures and prints that incorporate other colors.

4. Finally we dare you to wear it with confidence!

As we fall into a new season I dare to break the rules and set new trends.

Do you dare to wear white after Labor Day?

A. Absolutely! my style has no limit or rules

B. No, I pack all of my white garments away until the summer


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