Keyshia Cole Talks Family, More Kids, Love & Pet Peeves With Hubby, More

In the second segment of our two part intimate sit down with Grammy nominated songstress Keyshia Cole, she opens up about managing family and work, wanting more kids and being a soccer mom one day, how her husband makes her happy, liking diamonds, her pet peeves about Gib and more. As previously reported by Singersroom, Cole is working on her fifth studio album, which is led by the first single “Enough Of No Love” featuring rapper Lil Wayne.

Watch our exclusive video interview above and/or read some excerpts below:

A Day in The Life
… I try to balance everything with my son, my husband and myself. I try to make sure that DJ is not just in the room…he gets out, he sees things in New York or LA or Chicago or Atlanta, wherever we may be. We have a nanny and we also have my mom that travels with us…that’s pretty much it.

On Being a Soccer Mom
… One day! That is a fantasy life of mine. I would love to do that, but maybe in ten years.

On Having More Kids
… I would love to have more kids…in 10 years [laughs]. It doesn’t have to be that far from now but yea.

On Her Husband Making Her Happy … Love me, he buys me really nice bags too; he buys lots of diamonds. He’s good at making me smile…just trying to make me feel, even when I’m stressed, he really makes me feel comfortable, knowing that he’s there for me. That always makes me happy.

On Maintaining a Celebrity Relationship
… I don’t think that we’re a normal celebrity couple, and the only reason I say that is, I’m not a normal girl. I don’t think my husband is either [normal]. His mother and father are amazing people and raised him to be an amazing man. I come from nothing and been through the things I’ve been through. I cherish him a great deal and I don’t think that I would allow anything to come between us, I would try my hardest not to, and I feel the same about my husband…the devil is going to have a really really hard time trying to that up.

On Pet Peeves About Her Husband … When I ask him to get me something and he doesn’t listen to what I ask, when I tell him where it’s at, and then he goes in there and says I don’t see it. Then I go to the same place I tell him where to look and its there…and he makes a fart noise when I walk sometimes…not good! [laughs].

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