Beyonce and Jay-Z Get Political: Hosting Fundraiser for Obama Re-Election Campaign

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has confirmed that he and First Lady Michelle Obama are set to attend a fundraiser hosted by one of music’s most powerful couples, Beyonce and Jay-Z. The gala will take place on Sept 18 at Jay-Z’s New York City 40/40 Club. To attend, anyone can make a donation to enter a raffle in hopes of winning a ticket. Otherwise, it costs $40,000 to attend.

A joint statement released by the campaign states hip-hop’s hottest couple are “committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that President Obama is re-elected so he can keep moving our country forward.”

Beyonce released her own statement that will be on a mass email soon, going out to all Obama supporters. She mentions her new found parenthood as a reason why she’s motivated to get involved. “This has been a big year for my husband and me: We became parents,” her statement says. “Now that we have more than our own futures to worry about, the stakes in this election are even higher.”

According to Page Six, the event will be an intimate affair, with the guest list to be capped off at 100 attendees.