Bringing Summer Wardrobe into Fall Fashion

For some saying good bye to the summer can be a sad experience but for you fashionistas, it’s a warm welcome to autumn colors and fun layering. As Michael Kors said at fashion week, “fall is like a new year for fahionistas.” It’s a fresh start with your wardrobe and an opportunity to be creative with your look. Who said you had to pack away all of your summer clothing? When it comes to traveling from coast to coast, R&B artist Beyonce displays versatility in her wardrobe in layering and improvising through the seasons.

Here are a few styles and creative wardrobe ideas to use for those summer items to help you transition into fall. Tank tops and graphic t shirts are perfect in layering with blazers and jackets. Let’s not forget about those vibrant colored skinny jeans and bold prints and patterns. Rhianna is an icon when it comes to making bold statements as she mix and match her prints and colors in her wardrobe.

The key things to focus on when using your summer wardrobe in the fall are to warm your look with fall colored jackets, blazers and layer with fun scarves and accessories. What statement can you make with your summer pieces to warm up your fall fashion? Happy Wardrobe New Year!

Which artist describes your fall fashion?


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