Actor Mehcad Brooks Reveals Plans For Debut Album

Mehcad Brooks may be best known for his stint as a Calvin Klein model and his roles on “True Blood” and “Necessary Roughness,” but in a few months he will also be known for his music.
Breaking the news recently, Mehcad Brooks said music has long been something he has wanted to do, but now is the time to step out and give it a try professionally.
“I had two near death experiences and both times, one time I had a parasite from Africa and another time I had a car collision, I was in the hospital. I looked back at my life and I didn’t regret anything except not putting this love that was in my heart out there, which was music,” says Brooks.
Confirming the fact that he will be singing, Mehcad Brooks says “I had been doing it privately close to a decade. It’s good. It’s really good.”
Taking his time to craft the debut album, Mehcad Brooks says “I just want to come out the right way.”
“There’s a right way and a wrong way,” he tells VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live. “I want to come out the right way.”