Patti LaBelle Settles Six Figure Lawsuit Over Fight With Neighbor

Patti LaBelle has agreed to cut a $100,000 check for her former neighbor, a woman that accused her of cursing and throwing water at her and her toddler.
As widely reported last year, LaBelle and Roseanna Monk had a heated verbal fight that allegedly turned physical when the “New Attitude” singer threw a water bottle, launched an “obscenity filled tirade,” and allegedly tried to punch Monk.
The scene played out while LaBelle was in New York to perform in the Broadway production “Fela!” Her staff reportedly broke the fight up in the apartment building’s lobby before it escalated.
While there are conflicting accounts, Monk says she put her child down in the lobby to carry luggage out of the building and when she returned LaBelle attacked her.
“What are you doing letting your kid run around like that?” Monk said Labelle asked her. As LaBelle allegedly argued with Monk, her daughter began to cry and vomit.
According to the New York Post, funds from the settlement will go to a charity of the Monk family’s choosing.
LaBelle has not, as of yet, commented on the settlement.