Elle Varner Has a Fan in First Lady Michelle Obama, and Daughter Malia

How cool is it to know that your music is probably being bumped in the White House by the First Family? According to First Lady Michelle Obama, her eldest daughter Malia is a big fan of newcomer Elle Varner.

Dishing to Ross Mathews for E! News’ “Pop and Politics” show on Monday night (Sept 3) at the Democratic National Convention, Mrs. Obama spoke about President Obama’s policies during the last four years, as well as family life in the White House, including Malia’s new favorite singer. “Malia is all on top of her,” The First Lady said speaking of Varner. “So she played her new album for me and I picked out a couple songs.”

Word got back to the singer-songwriter who just released her debut album “Perfectly Imperfect” last month. “OH MY GOD!!,” the 23-year-old tweeted. “Wait wait….did that really just happen!?!?! I literally prayed for this @MichelleObama thank you so much!! I’m so honored and speechless…”

Hhhmm, wonder what The President and First Lady jam to in the White House. If it’s anything like the music being played at the Democratic National Convention, Elle Varner’s album is on the same playlist as Prince, Stevie Wonder, the Jacksons, Ledisi, and Beyonce!