Alicia Keys Designs and Launches Reebok Shoe Collection

One could describe Alicia Keys’ style as comfort chic, like when she first stepped on the scene making comfortable street duds such as Reeboks and fitted caps to the female wardrobe. Her style has since evolved into more feminine shapes, but still keeping it comfortable.

And now, along with everything else popping off for Ms. Keys (i.e. new album, family), she’s also stepping into the shoe designing game. The Grammy-award winning chanteuse has put her mark on Reebok Classic Freestyle Hi AK and the Reebok Classic Nylon Slim AK with designs that feature piano keys or colorful patterns reminiscent of 80s b-boy attire.

Her husband Swizz Beats is the Reebok Classics creative director responsible for the campaign to bring the brand back to mainstream hip hop culture via rappers such as Rick Ross and Tyga. Now it’s Alicia’s turn!

Prices hover around $80 and are available online and at Finish Line stores.

Check out the designs below. Will you buy?

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