Miguel’s Manager Mark Pitts Bets On NvS

Mark Pitts, CEO of Bystorm entertainment, makes a living from discovering and successfully guiding artist careers. His resume of managing stars like Miguel, J. Cole and Notorious B.I.G is a track record most entertainment executives aspire to achieve.

Always in search for new talent, Pitts has signed Toronto native NvS to his Bystorm imprint. The sultry and bold singer’s music lives on the border between R&B and dance, but her confidence in her delivery on records is the gripping emotion that attracts fans. Prior to joining Bystorm, NVS had obtained nominations for a Juno Award and Canadian Radio Award before taking a break from pursuing a music career.

After releasing “Between My Thigh“, a sweet toned reversal of Akinyele’s “Put It In Your Mouth”, NVS garnered attention online for her EP ‘Who Is NVS.’

“NvS is an artist that personifies truth of self expression,” said Wayne Barrow, President of Bystorm Entertainment. “Her passion and dedication to elevate positive messaging of self love and sensuality versus sexual exploitation to our youth through song is encouraging and inspirational.”

In preparation for her forthcoming EP, NvS released the new record “Tomboy,” produced by Midi Mafia. In addition, she is currently recording songs with Teddy Riley.

“The release of this project has me excited and nervous at the same time. I have no idea how the music is going be received but I figure with Bystorm, Teddy Riley and Midi Mafia behind me, I must [be] doing something right. I’m looking forward to seeing if the rest of the world agrees!” said NvS.