Ciara, Kelly Price & Beyonce Body Breakdown: What’s Your Body Type?

The key to dressing your best is knowing and understanding your body type. Depending on the occasion, you are dressing to feel confident and be comfortable. Stylist and other fashion experts that help your favorite celebrities understand the needs of their client and enhance his or her beaut, they understand what colors flatter their clients specific skin tones and they know what garments compliment their body shapes. It is a science. Today we will be using three artists and their universal shapes to help you understand how this fashion and style science works.

Celebrity Examples

Beyonce has a hour glass body type: This body type needs variety and can change based on what occasion you’re dressing for. An important thing to remember is to be careful not to add fabrics and accessories where they’re not needed. This can make the area look larger then you desire and take away attention from other qualities in your appearance. Someone with this body type wants to be careful to prevent over accessorizing or wearing too much fabric around the hips.

Ciara has a tall and lean athletic build with minimal curves: Someone with a body type like Ciara can take the risk and add accessories to for example the hips. However, you have to be careful when adding extra fabrics because you don’t want to appear taller. It is wise to be mindful of the prints such as stripes because it will make you not only look taller, but thinner. (You need some curves for the boys to drool over.)

Kelly Price is a full figured woman with beautiful curves: Full figure women like all other body types want to be careful in regards to the fit and print of their clothing. Being the opposite of lean/tall, you don’t want to wear horizontal stripes. They can make you appear wider than you are. Also be careful to not over accessorize or wear too much fabric around the hips and other areas. Balance would be key for someone with this body type. Beyonce has a full hour glass that consist of a small waist, rounded bottom and rounded hips shape. Adding to areas that already show themselves can make the area look larger then you desire and take away attention from other qualities in your appearance.

What body type are you…gorgeous?


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