Trey Songz Talks Proving Fans Right, Being Humble and Top 10 Debut

Trey Songz is a top ten charting artist on both the UK Albums and UK Singles charts this week.
Landing his first top ten charter with “Chapter V” Sunday, Songz fared well thanks to the breakthrough single “Simply Amazing.” Debuting at no.10 on the albums chart, “Chapter V” features songs like “2 Reasons” and “Heartbreak.”
In related news, Trey Songz had some powerful things to say in recent interview. Speaking with the Herald Sun, Songz detailed his desire to prove fans right and naysayers, including those who exhibit racism, wrong.
“I wouldn’t say I’ve had a chip on my shoulder, but I’d say there’s always been a will to endure what society says a young black man is supposed to be. I feel every day I have to prove myself,” said Songz. “I just continue to strive and push forward and not only prove the naysayers wrong, but to also prove my supporters correct.”
Claiming it is his goal to remain humble, Songz believes his full potential has not yet been realized.
“Even in victory, I try to remain pretty humble. If I do take a victory lap, it might be after everybody leaves the arena,” says Songz. “I don’t feel like it is a victory lap yet, but I am so proud of it and I feel so good about the music and the reception that everyone has given me that I can’t wait to hand it over to the people.”
In other news, Trey Songz performed at Heineken Red Star Access in Atlanta, GA Sunday. See pics of him performing with Waka Flocka Flame below.
“Chapter V” is in stores now.

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