Miguel Unveils Full ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ Tracklisting

In a different spin on album releases, Miguel’s sophomore album “Kaleidoscope Dream” will be released in a three-part series: EP Kaleidoscope Dream: The Water Preview which is out now, Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview which drops on September 11, and the full-length album drops in on October 2, and will feature both EPs and five new songs. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter released the tracklisting in full.

Adorn” is the first single from his follow-up to 2010’s “All I Want Is You” debut. “It’s definitely a progressive album,” Miguel tells Mina SayWhat. “I would describe it as being progressive in the sense that I’m taking a lot of my more alternative influences and incorporating them.”

Production credits on the project include Salaam Remi, Pop & Oak, and Jerry Wonda.

Tracklisting is as follows:

1. “Adorn
2. “Don’t Look Back”
3. “Use Me”
4. “Do You…”
5. “Kaleidoscope Dream”
6. “The Thrill”
7. “How Many Drinks?”
8. “Where’s the Fun in Forever?”
9. “Arch & Point”
10. “Pussy Is Mine”
11. “Candle in the Sun”