Bryan Michael Cox Defends Trey Songz’s Artistry

Has Trey Songz gone from great to terrible ? While some might say the R&B heartthrob stooped to a new low with “2 Reasons,” others including award-winning songwriter/producer Bryan Michael Cox say Songz is “trying his hardest to be a multi-dimensional artist.”
“I don’t think Trey Songz is terrible. I think Trey Songz is serving supply and demand. I think that he’s efficiently getting his mainstream fans — the fans that buy his records — what they want,” says Cox. “I think he’s trying to find his balance though because you know, he has records that have depth to it like, “We Can’t Be Friends,” “Last Time.” He has some depth that sells records and tells stories.”
Further explaining the fact that Songz is perhaps branching out and covering all of his bases, Bryan Michael Cox says “2 Reasons” is serving a particular lane.
“I just think that he’s servicing an audience with the big records like, “Say Aah” and “I Invented Sex,” I think that “2 Reasons” is servicing that one lane along with the balance, because you can’t be one-dimensional,” Cox tells The Boombox in an R&B Gripes article. “I think Trey Songz is trying his hardest to be a multi-dimensional artist.”
Do you agree with B. Cox ?
Trey Songz’s album, “Chapter V,” drops next Tuesday. The set includes his singles “2 Reasons,” “Heart Attack” and “Simply Amazing.”