Rihanna, Lil Wayne Make Forbes Social Networking Top 10

Social media is a powerful tool, but which superstars are using it effectively? Forbes has compiled a list of “Social Networking Superstars” and Rihanna actually tops the list.
With 23.8 million Twitter followers and a strong 59.6 million fans on Facebook, Forbes says Rihanna makes “good use of social media” but might be doing a little too much online.
“Rihanna tops our list as the star with the most followers and fans. The 24-year-old singer makes good use of social media, tweeting often and controversially,” reports Forbes. “She curses and posts photos of herself partying in places like strip clubs. She came under fire in April when she posted photos that looked like she was using drugs.”
Following Rihanna, Lady Gaga comes in close with 28 million followers on Twitter and 53 million Facebook fans.
Notably Gaga has used Twitter to address everything from music and fashion to politics. She recently debuted a tattoo and later confirmed the words “ARTPOP” will be the title of her next album.
While both pop behemoths top the chart, Hip Hop stars Eminem and Lil Wayne also made the list with formidable numbers.
Coming at no.3 Eminem has the most fans on Facebook — a strong 60.3 million.
“He ranks third because he doesn’t have as many followers on Twitter as some other stars. That might be because for the most part, Eminem’s tweets are promotional, not personal,” reports Forbes.
Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Shakira, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Taylor Swift follow respectively.
Rounding out the list, Lil Wayne falls at no.9 thanks to 7.9 million Twitter followers and 40 million Facebook fans. Selena Gomez follows at no.10.
To see the complete list and numbers visit Forbes.