Miguel – Adorn [Extended Version]

To coincide with his “Kaleidoscope Dream: Water Preview EP” release today (July 31), Miguel has simultaneously unveiled the video for the first single “Adorn.” The video displays a dream-esque aura; scenes of being chased, and the random, freaky places our minds go to in subconscious slumber. Miguel’s inspiration comes from the elusiveness of dreams. “I believe dreams represent the purest form of fantasy we unleash through our subconscious. They represent the truest freedom we can experience. Totally unrepressed and totally creative,” he said.

The next installment of Miguel’s three-part album release is somewhat unclear of what the title will be. Some are reporting “Kaleidoscope Dream: Air Preview,” and some are saying it will be called “Kaleidoscope Dream: Fire Preview.” Whatever element the next EP features, look out for it on September 11, with the whole “Kaleidoscope Dream” album scheduled for an October 2 release.