Brooke Valentine Talks Tragedy That Prompted Her to Take Music Hiatus

R&B singer Brook Valentine ripped up the scene years back with the single “Girlfight” and album ‘Chain Letter.’ She sold over 2.5 million records worldwide, however, she took a long hiatus from music until now to ready ‘Forever,’ her upcoming album.

Brooke explains what prompted her to take such a long break, insisting her cousin being gunned down in Houston caused her to re-evaluate how she was moving and pushed her to take a break.

“I took a break to grow up and learn what life was about. I felt like I got to a point were I got lost,” Brooke told Singersroom. “A break was definitely needed. I understand myself better now. I take time to think. Everything after “Girl Fight” and “Chain Letter” was like going down a one way street going 90 something miles per hour in a nice car so you just don’t care. I had no schedule … nothing! I didn’t care about none of that. It wasn’t until my cousin was murdered until I realized that people are dying. That moment changed a lot for me.”

For the fans that enjoyed ‘Chain Mail,’ they will be pleased to know that Brooke has been dropping new music. Check out her recent releases “Rub It In” featuring Tyrese and “Don’t Wanna Be In Love.”