Ne-Yo Talks Celebratory New Album, The State of R&B and Making Executive Moves at Motown

Last week Ne-Yo was interviewed by a radio host from KISS FM in the UK. Scheduled for release in September, the singer/songwriter was excited to give a few details about his forthcoming album entitled ‘R.E.D. (Realizing. Every. Dream.).’ The album is a “Celebration of the fact that I’m one of the few people on this earth who get to say I love my job and mean it.” Living your dreams is a blessing and that is part of what he aims to express on his new album. He says that he’s in a good place mentally and is clear on what his position is as an artist.

In addition to his positive direction and sharp focus, Ne-Yo was dubbed the Senior Vice President of A&R at Motown Records earlier this year. He describes the role as one of great pressure, but he plans to do his best to fill the shoes of Smokey Robinson, whom was the VP in the early 70’s. Clearly, the soul based sound exhibited then is very different from the heavy pop influence we hear in today’s music.

This past year there has been a dramatic inclination of R&B artists who are joining the wave of the Electronic Pop sound. Back in the 90’s when R&B was in full swing, Ne-Yo says the thing that made those records so great was that they were heartfelt and real. With the tenor of R&B changing, Ne-Yo says “R&B as a genre is suffering,” and the thing that’s attracting so many people to Electro-Pop is that it simply makes you feel something.

Emanating a sound that feels good seems to be second nature for Ne-Yo, who can find inspiration from just about anything. As an executive at Motown and the orchestration of a new album underway, the joy that comes from singing, songwriting, and producing can be equally distributed on his plate of responsibility. However tedious the process may be for the hitmaker, there is certainly a lot to expect from Ne-Yo in the forthcoming months.


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