Alicia Keys Inspired at Women Vote 2012 Summit

Alicia Keys focused on the need and right to vote in the upcoming election at the Women Vote 2012 Summit Monday.
Taking the stage to speak in Philadelphia, Keys focused on getting women “informed and involved.”
Sharing her experience, Keys took to Twitter and Instagram posting pictures and inspiring events from the summit and womens mentorship luncheon.
“What an inspiring day!! When we stand together theres no impossible!! @barackobama ‪#women2012‬ Let’s gooooo!!,” said Keys.
According to President Obama’s website, “the choice for women is clear.”
“… This November, the choice for women is clear: We can keep moving forward and build on the progress we’ve made-or we can go backward to more tax cuts for the wealthy, the same policies that led to massive job losses and punished the middle class, and an era when women didn’t have control over our own health choices,” the site reads. “Will we re-elect the candidate who has our backs and is fighting for our families ? Or will we turn back ?”
Alicia Keys joins Beyonce in endorsing President Obama’s re-election campaign.