Wynter Gordon – Stimela

Wynter Gordon takes the tribal and eclectic route in the music video for her new single “Stimela.” In the visuals, directed by Gordon, she is seen donning various outfits and performing various tribal dances.

“I wanted it to be an emotional visual art piece, displaying humans as free, powerful animals,” Gordon told Billboard about the visuals. “We are all running from something or searching for something; our instincts have been ignored. This is me finally listening to them. This is to finally listening.”

“Stimela,” which was inspired by a Hugh Masekala song of the same title, appears on Gordon’s latest EP, ‘Doleo,’ which means pain in Latin and is the first in a series of four free EPs collectively called “The Human Condition.” According to Gordon, each project will explore a different human emotion.

She adds: “I didn’t feel like I was singing everything I wanted to sing, doing dance music and pop music. I wanted to make something that felt real to me. These EPs include every genre of music I like. I really just felt like I had to by myself.”

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