Trey Songz: Women Made ‘B*tch’ a Word of Empowerment

Trey Songz has not received a ton of backlash for his choice of words on the single “Two Reasons,” but that doesn’t mean he’s not aware that there could be some backlash.
Addressing the song and referring to women as “b*tches” throughout it, Songz says it’s more a term of endearment.
“The second single is just a fun record for the club. The way I view it is women have kind of made ‘b*tch’ a word of empowerment amongst themselves,” says Songz.
Even if that is true, is it right coming from a man ? According to Songz, it’s just embracing women.
“For example, they’ll say ‘I’m a bad b*tch’ – that’s not bringing their character down, they’re just embracing what been so fought over for so long. So I came for the bad b*tches and the drinks, believe that,” he tells Essence. “The thing about doing music, you’re in a public space so you have to be prepared for people’s opinion. I make a lot of my music for people and the same amount for myself, so there’s a bit of truth in every song.”
In related news, Trey hosted a Citi Trends meet and greet with fans in New Orleans over the weekend. See photos/pics from the event below.

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