Mindless Behavior Apologizes for Lauryn Hill Remark

A remark alluding to Lauryn Hill’s tax issues by a member of the teeny-bopper R&B group Mindless Behavior at the BET Awards Sunday, July 1 didn’t sit well with some people. As the young quartet took the stage to present an award with comedian Mike Epps, one of the members compared Epps’ comedic singing to Lauryn Hill’s tax accountant, saying “You sing bad, like Lauryn Hill tax accountant bad.” The scripted joke got some laughs, and some moans of distaste.

Beyonce must have been one of the offended. In her acceptance speech, she came to Hill’s defense in her acceptance speech, saying how artists like Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blige have been her influences.

The next day, Mindless Behavior apologized on Twitter for their remark, saying, “”we meant no disrespect to our girl Lauryn Hill last night, it was a bad joke. we’re big fans and hope you’re not mad! #peace -MB.” That same day, group member Ray Ray phoned in to 106 & Park and issued yet another apology. “I want to apologize about the Lauryn Hill joke,” he said. “I didn’t mean no harm by it. I hope everyone can forgive me. It was like a big thing on Twitter and everything, so I truly apologize. I respect Lauryn Hill and all of them like that.”

Maybe the joke would have sounded better if written for an older presenter to deliver; after all, they weren’t even born when Lauryn Hill was on the scene, and most likely, don’t control the bulk of their finances due to child labor laws.

What do you think? Was the joke out of line in general, or does the fact that it was delivered by 14-year-olds the reason for the backlash?