Kelly Rowland Talks Being ‘Shielded’ From Music Pitfalls

Kelly Rowland attributes the fact that she has not been involved in any form of party scandal to being “shielded” (while part of Destiny’s Child).

“I think just growing up in the music industry, when I think I was 15 and 16, Destiny’s Child had chaperons when we performed and we went home because that was the proper thing to do. We had great parents around us who wanted to make sure we were shielded from all of that.” Rowland tells Star Tribune.

Looking back, Rowland is grateful someone was there.

I’m grateful that they did. It just taught us… I just remember hearing someone say, “You’re my role model,” and taking that really seriously. It was a great weight, but you still take it seriously because there are young people looking at you.”

As for partying now, Rowland says there are times she performs and goes straight home.

In related news, Kelly Rowland has released “Ice,” a new track featuring Lil Wayne. It is the first piece of new music we’re hearing from her forthcoming follow up to “Here I Am (2011).”