BET AWARDS 2012: Maze ft. Frankie Beverly Tribute With Tyrese, Joe and Faith Evans

Maze ft. Frankie Beverly received a long overdue tribute as they received the Cadillac Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 BET Awards. After a video montage documenting the career of the legendary soul group, singer Joe came out and sang “Can’t Get Over You.” Tyrese then entered stage right and sang to the grooving crowd “Joy and Pain.” Faith Evans rounded the tribute off with her rendition of “Happy Feelings.”

While accepting their award, Frankie Beverly urged the artists in the crowd to not “fall for the flavor of the week…sing what you wanna sing, play your music, no matter what it is.” Acknowledging the passing of group member McKinley “Bug” Williams, they then took to the stage and performed “We Are One,” and “Before I Let Go.”

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