The Voice winner Javier Colon Explains Label Split, Tour Plans

While he won the first season of The Voice (NBC), Javier Colon is without a record deal just over a year later.

Following rumors about him being dropped from Universal Republic’s roster due to poor performance of his debut album, Colon says leaving the label was a mutual agreement.

“It was definitely: “If you guys aren’t going to do the right thing – you got to let me out.” They were actually gracious enough to let me go, and relatively quickly,” says Colon.

While he is “not bitter,” Colon says it seemed like the fire was lost after he won The Voice.

“It seemed the fire was lost with respect to pushing my project and trying to get it out there,” Colon tells the Dover Post. “I had been through this thing before with a major label and I saw how things could be good and how things could turn in a different direction. I promised myself I would learn from that and take that experience to the next thing. And that’s exactly what we did. When you realize things aren’t going well and you realize you’re not going to move forward any further, there’s no reason to delay something.”

Moving forward, Colon has lined up several events and two tours with acts including Maroon 5. He is also open to a new deal, when the time and opportunity is right.

“I guess what I’m looking for in the future is… I’m kind of keeping my options open, but I really want someone that gets who I am and would allow me to do what it is that I do and have faith in that,” says Colon. “I was able to perform in front of a lot of folks when I was on “The Voice,” and I got a lot of votes and support when I (was) just being myself.”

Despite everything that has transpired, Colon is grateful to have the ability to share his music and have a platform to do so.

“I’m trying to bring the music to the people: and that’s what it’s all about. That’s what I’m most happy with about. Being on [“The Voice”] is I was able to go to North Dakota and perform for 450 people that had no clue I was even alive before [that performance]. Just the ability to go out and tour is something I didn’t have before and I’m very, very thankful for that.”

Javier will be touring with both Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw this year. His tour with Maroon 5 will also take him to South America. First, Javier Colon will be featured performing on “A Capitol Fourth,” which is a special celebrating the Fourth of July holiday (PBS).