Lisa Stansfield Turns Down Reality TV, Wants to Make a Statement With New Album

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Lisa Stansfield has sold about twenty million records worldwide and she plans to add more sales to her coffer with a new album. The “All Around the World” singer’s last release was ‘The Moment’ in 2004; after dropping the project she sifted away from music to pursue acting. She was cast in several films including Goldplated, Marple:Ordeal by Innocence, Rolli Sydan and The Edge of Love.

“I’m a singer and I’m ready to get back to doing my thing. I guess you just hope that there’s still a demand. I’m wanting to do an album that will make a real statement. It’s time for a return,” she told Britain’s Sunday Mirror.

After turning down countless reality television shows, Stansfield wants to reintroduce to new audience with the talent that made her an international success in music.

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