Frank Ocean Teases ‘Channel Orange’ Material with Album Preview Session

Fresh new-comer Frank Ocean allowed ears to listen to music from his upcoming album “Channel Orange” Thursday June 21 at KMA Studios in NYC. Previously released tracks such as “Pyramids,” “Voodoo,” and Thinking About You” will be on the album, but so will a plethora of fresh, new material ripe for listening.

Fans can expect to hear songs that tell stories, interludes that include video game sound effects and dialogue, jazzy/electro tinged R&B, and a collaboration with Andre 3000 on a track called “Pleasure.” In the collabo, a mellow track accompanies lyrics that ask, “What if the stars and skies are a show/ And the aliens are watching live?” Expect to ponder questions such as these; the lyrical content will prompt you to put your thinking caps on. Ocean’s songwriting paints vivid imagery to life’s daily questions and realities.

Song topics range from love, philosophy, alienation, drug abuse, and religion (much like his mixtape “Nostalgia, Ultra”), difference being the live instrumentation that now accompanies his thought-provoking lyrics.

Get ready for an LP armed with a different perspective to join the R&B landscape. ‘Channel Orange’ drops on July 17th.

via the Boombox