Soul Songbird Tweet Dishes on New Album, Going Back to God, More

R&B singer Tweet is the original Twitter “tweet.” If you follow the soulful singer on Twitter, chances are you know of and are anticipating the drop of her forthcoming album “Simply Tweet.” The album is the first since 2005’s “It’s Me Again,” and her status is no longer M.I.A. The singer is excited for fans to hear the new material. “This moment I’m in, was definitely…chosen,” she explains. The singer gushes about being in a newer, happier space, and it will reflect in her new music. “It’s just different… very different than the place I was in when I recorded ‘Southern Hummingbird’,” she tells in a recent interview.

She describes her break from the industry bitter-sweetly, a blessing in disguise of sorts. The changes at her label prompted the unhappy times that lead to a much-needed break. “When I first turned in the last album it was all me. But being that Elektra turned into Atlantic, it was all new people and they didn’t know who I was. They made me take off ½ of my songs to make room for more Hip Hop,” she states. But the soulful songstress doesn’t blame the label. “I didn’t stand up for myself. So even when I look back on that period, I blame me.”

But the singer said her thinking wasn’t always that way: A lot of the time, she said, was spent on blaming others. She’s since learned to speak for herself. “I give all the credit to God, she says. “I had to heal and finally point the finger at me. No matter what, I allowed it to happen like that. A lot of times I let people speak for me. So I learned from it.”

She attributes the moment to which she realized she needed a break to get back to God when watching a performance of “Make Me Over” by Tonex on BET. “There was just a moment in 2005 and 2006 when I was on my knees, when I didn’t have anything….I grew up in church, and I knew that was the only way out. I knew it would be a process but I asked God to heal me. And He did,” she said.

On a new horizon, Tweet describes her upcoming album “Simply Tweet” is as just that; just her, no collaborations. Don’t look for Missy Elliott on any hooks, no duets, just simply Tweet. Although plans to work with Missy and D’Angelo were hashed up in the beginning, schedules didn’t jive to make it a reality. “I been gone so long that I wanted to give you myself. We’d planned a D’Angelo collaboration but we couldn’t make it happen in time. But that’s fine because it’s just me,” she dishes.

When it comes to returning to the R&B landscape that has changed even since 2005, the singer plans on staying true to herself. “I am grown. I’m 41… I’m t-shirt, jeans and sneakers….You don’t have to do all that to be sexy.” When speaking on the current state of R&B, the singer uses one phrase to say it all: “I’m sad,” she says. “I’m still playing old stuff,” she continues. Oldies but goodies like Marvin and Aretha, even her own old records. “We’re on a one track mind. Every song sounds the same [now].”

Don’t get it twisted, though. She’s feeling some newbies such as Joonie and Miguel. “I play a couple of his cuts a lot,” she says.

The first single from “Simply Tweet” she says, will be a track titled “Enough.” The album drops in September.

We can’t wait to hear what Ms. Tweet has in store!