Chris Brown: Hip Hop Is Dead

Is Hip Hop really dead ? Chris Brown seems to think the genre is dead and gone despite recent success for Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa and 2 Chainz (to name a few).
“The industry is so broke it’s starting to kill our creative side,” Chris Brown told Fuse in a recent interview.
According to the “Fortune” singer, promotional budgets, mainly for music videos, are not like they were when he debuted with “Run It” in 2006. Intent on doing things himself, because no one believes anymore, Chris Brown says “if we (as artists) don’t do it, who gone do it ?”
“You know how they said Hip Hop is dead, it’s really dead because nobody believes in the brand anymore. If we don’t do it, who gone do it ? I’m like, I’ll do it myself.”
Even though you’ve probably heard “Hip Hop is dead,” just like “R&B is dead,” before, is Chris Brown right ? Is Hip Hop anywhere near where it used to be ?