Chris Brown Defines Fortune As Blessing, Explains Album Art

Chris Brown’s “Fortune” album is not about his fortune, in terms of money, it’s more about being “blessed” to do what he does as an artist.
Granting an unexpected interview, following a widely reported story about him not granting interviews, Brown says “I wanted Fortune to be a blessing.”
“I wanted Fortune to be the blessing of having it. It’s not money or wealth for me. It’s basically the blessing of doing it. I’m fortunate enough to do it,” says Brown.
In video below, Brown clears up confusion about the symbols placed on his album cover and other promotional materials.
“That’s an encryption for the fans,” Brown told Fuse. “I wanted to do something different because I’m into ancient aliens. I like stuff other than what everybody expects. What I wanted to give my fans is something they can have of their own. They’ll know if they break the code.”

Chris Brown’s “Fortune” is due for release July 3.