K. Michelle Talks EP, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

K. Michelle is not only set to appear on VH1’s anticipated series “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” the R&B singer/songwriter will be releasing new music, via an EP album, in the coming weeks.
Breaking the news earlier this week, K Michelle titled the EP “0 Fucks Given.”
While you will have to wait a few weeks for the EP effort, K. Michelle will be debuting some of her new music on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.
“You will see me doing my music. You’ll see my trying to heal from my past deal situation and just trying to even decide if I even want another record deal,” K. Michelle said in a recent interview.
Describing her connection with other women on the show, K. Michelle says Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is about real life issues.
“Everybody is really going through life right now. And I really like the cast. They’re women who have issues, life issues, and they’re not afraid to put it on camera,” K. Michelle tells Urban Pop Examiner. “I feel like every girl has their thing. So for me, I’m a really feisty person. I didn’t want to be portrayed as this clean cut R&B artist cause that ain’t me. I think it shows exactly who I am.”
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta premieres Monday, June 18 at 8 pm on VH1. K. Michelle’s EP, “0 Fucks Given,” will be available July 9.