Tank Covers ‘Artistic Evolution’ In Rolling Out

R&B heartthrob Tank reintroduces the “Language of Love” in Rolling Out magazine this month.
In an excerpt from his interview, the “Compliments” and “Next Breath” singer talks about evolving as an artist. When asked about the importance of an artist taking control of their career, Tank admits “I really didn’t do a lot of things on my own that I do now.”
“The label has their responsibilities of what they’re supposed to do and the management [has] things they are supposed to do. But a lot of these things that have to happen have to come from within yourself too. You’ve got to have the mind-set to get out here in the streets and go above and beyond and make extra things happen for yourself, so that it enhances everything that the label is doing,” says Tank. “Just because you get the deal doesn’t mean your work with the job is over. It’s very important that you stay at the forefront of keeping yourself up and keeping your brand out there.”
Fresh off an appearance on Single Ladies (VH1), Tank doesn’t believe in handouts.
“I want to be remembered as a hardworking black man. I don’t believe in handouts. I’m going to work for mine,” Tank tells Rolling Out. “When I look at myself in the mirror, I want to feel good about the man that I am and the work that I put in.”
Tank’s new album, “This Is How I Feel,” is in stores now.