Mary J. Blige Defends Diddy’s Son, Talks Scholarship

Should Justin Combs and Diddy give the scholarship to someone “more in need”? That has been a question for over a week in a heated debate on and offline.

Addressing the controversy over her godson’s full scholarship over the weekend, Mary J. Blige says “everybody should just be proud of him” instead of focusing on his father’s checkbook.

“No matter how he got the scholarship, he earned it, you know what I’m saying? And I believe that’s the thing that should be praised. He earned it,” Blige told Showbiz Tonight. “And he’s so sweet. My godson is so sweet, so mannerable… and I’m so proud of him. And everybody should just be proud of him. Don’t worry about who has money, like, going to college and stuff like that. It’s to prepare you to get your own, you know what I’m saying?”

As widely reported, Justin Combs earned a full scholarship to attend UCLA. He earned the scholarship based on his athletic skill and academic record.

According to Blige, who stars in Rock of Ages, due in theaters this Summer, Justin Combs is trying to make his own way as a man.

“He’s trying to make his own way. And you’ve got to appreciate, he’s a little man. He’s a man,” said Blige. “Let him be a man.”