Brandon Hines – The Rhythm Effect

Singersroom once again presents a new and exciting event series entitled, The Rhythm Effect, which mixes an extraordinary performance by promising artists and a mixer filled with the industries tastemakers and trendsetters. REVEL/So So Def/Epic Records singer-songwriter, Brandon Hines shined in that intimate venue tucked in NYC’s Lower East Side called Drom. The R&B newcomer gave a stunning performance with song selections such as ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ and ‘Yes You Are’, in front of a packed room, which included Epic Chief L.A. Reid, hit producer Jermaine Dupri and soul songstress Chrisette Michele.

“I feel so privileged to be a part of the Epic family,” says Brandon Hines as he looks over the sea of adoring cult like fans. Loyal fans knew every song and sang along with Mr. Hines. It was almost hard to also ignore the large presence of Howard alumni that gave him an extra co-sign.

Cultivated in Motown, Brandon Hines and his refreshingly natural singing talent have campaigned for legendary status. His smooth, baritone vocals command the attention of the ladies and his relatable lyrics are magnetic for the gentlemen. Not only does he offer a soundtrack and a sexy backdrop, Brandon Hines provides an experience. And he wants you to make love…Music that is.

That’s what Hines and his independent debut, Love Music: Fallin in Fallin Out, have been doing since 2006. Hines has a strong following among the younger crowd, but a classic appeal that transcends generations. Writing his own lyrics since he was young, Brandon Hines developed a knack for composing songs that evoke emotion. The art of storytelling mixed with his carefully placed rifts and background vocals, result in the no-holds-barred medleys that are edgy and honest.

A gorgeous crowd hands were up and all were at attention as Brandon mesmerized to crowd. Brandon Hines bore his soul on stay and later revealed, ‘This is what I live for. Brandon Hines is an experience. I make my music to spread love and touch people.’

Check out ‘The Rhythm Effect’ featuring Brandon Hines.